Limited time only! See if your household qualifies.

HughesNet is proud to participate in the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, a temporary program that helps ensure eligible households have the high-speed Internet they need during the pandemic.

Eligible households get up to a $50 MONTHLY CREDIT (or up to $75 for Tribal Lands) with NO annual contract and NO credit check!

3 Easy Steps

See if your household qualifies

There are a number of ways to qualify for assistance from EBB.

Submit your application to the FCC’s Universal Service Administration Co.

You can apply online or by mail.

Contact American Rural Satellites

Once approved for the program, call with your verification handy to order.

† Emergency Broadband Benefit Program will provide up to $50/mo. towards broadband service for qualified households. Limited time offer. Temporary benefit expires upon FCC’s termination of the Program; upon its conclusion, customers will be subject to regular HughesNet rates, terms, and conditions. Limit one Benefit per household, benefit is non-transferable. Eligibility requirements apply. Visit for details.

Already enrolled in EBB?

Call (866) 353-3401 to order!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Call (866) 353-3401 and speak to American Rural Satellites, your local HughesNet Authorized Retailer!

Don’t qualify for EBB?

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